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Bifold Doors

Imagine seeing natural light flooding in, the scent of flowers, the feeling of wide-open space and bringing the outdoors into your home… our Aspect bifold patio doors have that amazing, transformational effect wherever you choose to have them fitted.

With our modern bifold doors you’ll be making so much more of your home inside and out – adding unmistakable style, a special ambience and real value to your property.

All our patio sliding doors are made by Eurocell in the UK using high quality components to give you lasting superior performance. So while you enjoy the elegant slimline styling and uninterrupted sight lines, you can be sure that thermally efficient double glazing, superior glide technology and high security features are taking care of all the technical aspects.

At the end of the day it’s all about the getting all the details absolutely right. For instance, unlike a lot of bifold doors that fold back into a cumbersome-looking stack that somehow always seems to spread apart, our patio doors fold back flatter than any other rival design. It’s a neat and unobtrusive solution that maximises your space with a satisfying look of carefully engineered quality. So if you’ve got the space, we’ve got the style to suit.

Perfect for when the weather’s not so good

On a sunny summer day, there’s nothing nicer that opening up your bifold doors and letting all that natural light in. But what about those cold, wet and windy days of winter? What about insulation? Well you can rest assured you’ll stay warm and cosy no matter what the weather, with double glazing that’s thermally efficient. In fact our U-values can be as low as 0.9, to keep your heating bills down. They also meet the British Standard minimum requirements for construction, security, safety, weather-tightness and strength of performance. This means behind their striking looks, your folding sliding door is robust and built to last – giving you many years of smooth and stylish performance.

Visit our bifold door gallery for examples of our work.